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Dublin City Council, through the City Arts Office and supported by Creative Ireland, are seeking to commission musicians, composers and writers living or working in Docklands to co-write a song with people living or working in their locality that celebrates their neighbourhood and the history, vitality and diverse culture of the Docklands area.

Through consulting with local people and organisations, four traditional localities or townlands that make up Docklands have been identified. (Click here to see map)

1. Irishtown and Ringsend.

2. Grand Canal Docks/Pearse Street/ City Quay.

3. Sheriff Street/North Wall

4. East Wall

Four individual songs about each separate Townland as set out above will be separately commissioned.

Defining Docklands can never be truly precise but the attached map outlines the areas referred to above. If you feel you qualify but do not see your area on the map you can contact us for guidance. The commissions will be awarded in December 2021 and the songs are expected to be performed before the end of April 2022.


Sing a Song of Docklands! has come about from a long engagement of the City Arts Office with the Dublin Docklands.

It began with a ‘Think In’ – on the subject of developing an annual Dublin International Singing Festival hosted by Dublin City Arts Office in 2019, with renowned conductor David Brophy and fifty stakeholders from the arts, cultural and musical communities in Dublin. Emphasis was placed on Dublin as already being a singing city, on community, celebration, joy and coming together, singing as therapy, being encouraged to face your fear of singing, no dictating or preaching, being alive with singing and the idea of bringing your own voice and sharing a song.

The Docklands was suggested as the perfect location for the festival in terms of emotive and geographic context. It is traditionally the place of entry and egress for immigrants and emigration and between locals living for generations and for more recent residents it is a place of great diversity.

Creative Ireland have generously provided further support to this programme in 2021/22. The values of the Docklands Creativity Programme include: supporting diversity; unifying all stakeholders in Docklands; acknowledging recently arrived residents, the great traditions, history and heritage of the area, and the modern technology companies and diverse workforce. The high visitor numbers and the indigenous residents and businesses all provide the perfect context for a programme that supports creativity.

Who Can Apply

1. Residents of or community organisations located in Docklands.

2. Businesses located in Docklands

3. Individual Artists, groups of Artists or Arts Organisations living or working in Docklands.

4. Anyone who works in Docklands

5. Anyone who used to live or work in Docklands.

6. Schools or other educational institutions in Docklands.

Note: if you are a resident or business or community organisation that does not have a strong background in music or the Arts don’t worry. Just make sure you have included in your proposal the Composers/Musicians/Writers with the experience required in order to fulfil the commissioning brief.

Writers, composers and musicians may work in a team or the commission can be led by one person.

The Song

The applications must include a plan to co-write and perform the song in a local venue. You must show a timeline and approach to co-writing that will involve meetings with community members, workshops, securing a venue and forming a co-writing and performing group that culminates in the song’s performance.

The song can be in any musical style and should be at least 3 minutes long and capable of being performed acoustically or with minimum accompaniment. The song must have original lyrics and music.

It is intended that each group will perform their song on a ‘tour of Docklands’ showcasing their songs in community venues and workspaces before coming together to launch the Docklands Creative Programme in 2022 at a venue to be confirmed.

Commission value

The value of each Commission will be €30K (i.e. 4 commissions @ 30K each) to include all elements of the commission outlined above and all performance costs, venue rental, travel, payments to artists and technicians and any other expense. It is required that all professional artists involved are paid according to industry standards.

Application and Selection Process

The applications will be considered in two Rounds.

Round 1

This is open to all those eligible as described in the section above Who Can Apply. An Adjudication Panel of the requisite experience will be constituted by Dublin City Council with external independent participation and they will shortlist the applications received in Round 1.

Round 2

Shortlisted applicants will then work with the City Arts Office to establish the feasibility of their proposal in terms of experience, cost and viability. Applicants in this round will be paid a fee of €750 to complete their applications to Round 2 where a final determination will be made.

Final Selection

The final selection will be made by The City Arts Officer, David Brophy, The Docklands Dublin City Council Manager and Local Elected Members of Dublin City Council who will be joined by an External Music Expert.


Submissions for Sing a Song of Docklands! can only be made through our online platform Submittable. Hard Copy or emails submissions will not be considered. 

Applicants should complete the online registration form and provide the following information in the boxes provided: